Welcome to Fajardo Bay

Your Puerto Rican Ocean Sunrise Condo

Deluxe Amenities


Fajardo, Puerto Rico (45 Minutes to San Juan International Airport)

Ocean - 0 Minutes  |  Jungle - 20 Minutes

Facilities - Ideal for 2 Adults

Walking Distance to Beaches, Restaurants, Bars & City Park 

Quiet Patio

Caribbean Views

Ocean Side Pool

"I wouldn't change a thing. The other unit (rented 2 in the building) was fine, except it wasn't as nice as yours and it didn't get the breeze like yours did and yours had a better view. "

Kevin - Montrose, MN
(also rented another consecutive unit in the same building)

About FajardoBay.com

Fajardo Bay is in the East region of Puerto Rico.  Our goal is to make Fajardo Bay your tradition.  We want to share our beautiful sea views and comfortable condo with you. 

This complete remodel has been painstakingly designed for a quiet and romantic week in a quaint fishing village.   Park your car in the underground parking (protected by 24 hour private security) and walk for a cocktail and dining. 

The Las Crobas park is a neighboring a variety of authentic restaurants, small beach and internationally renowned Bio Bay Tours. Seven Seas Beach is less than 5 min car ride.  Luquillo Beach and Kiosks are a short 20 min drive. San Juan Airport is less than an hour away. 

Visiting Puerto Rico is visiting a United States Territory, all you have to do is walk off the plane and head toward your transportation. There are no Passports, Visas, Customs Lines (delays) or money conversions necessary when a US citizen. Your cell phone service and streaming subscription will work like you are on the mainland US. It's a perfect blend of modern convenience mixed with Latin and Caribbean culture with an Old World influence.

Whether you want beaches, parks, restaurants, pools, or views Fajardo Bay  has it.